Saturday, July 7, 2007

Space-Jumping: The Things We Do When We're Bored...


I totally haven't posted anything for a while.

So I was doing a bit of what I call space-jumping earlier today. For those of you who don't live inside my brain--so, um, all of you--space-jumping involves going to the MySpace page of someone I know, and then jumping to a profile I've never seen before on that person's Friend List. It's a good way to see some cool pages.

Anyway, I was doing that, and I found a few cool pages.


Sorry, I got lost in Coheed & Cambria for a second. His vocals give me shivers. The good kind.

Yeah, so, I space-jumped to this girl's page, and I swear I've seen her before somewhere. Not only that, but she has a pretty freakin' awesome page. Decent word use, lots of artwork for eye-candy, and none of those annoying girly falling stars/hearts in the background that make a page take FOREVER to load. And she's only 17 years old!

All in all, her page impressed me, and I figured a fairly impressive person must be behind it. So I sent her a message letting her know I thought her page was awesome...and I am currently waiting to see if she messages me back. Cue the ominous drumming sounds.

The whole "messaging me back" thing is kinda my ultimate test to see if people who seem like they're cool on MySpace are actually lying.

See, I've done this type of thing quite a bit; I like talking to new people, and MySpace is purported to provide a good medium for that type of thing. But for some reason, it doesn't seem to work for me.

I honestly can only think of one person I've ever messaged who I later conversed with over a longer period of time, via MySpace.

Most other people seem to want to ignore me, even though they plainly state that they enjoy meeting new people and that said new people should definitely send them a message.

It kinda sucks.

Ah, well. Time will tell, now, so I should probably think about getting to bed. Tomorrow--or today, if you want to be literal about it--is Saturday, and running a theatre on a Saturday is closely akin to running the only buffet at a convention of Sumos.

Wow, that was random.


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