Sunday, June 3, 2007

What Pisses Me Off

You know what pisses me off?

When you go to work and a friend at work asks if you've watched the most recent Stargate Atlantis so he can talk to you about it, and you tell him no you haven't, so he tells you to watch it as soon as you get home because something important happens that he wants to talk with you about, so then as soon as you get home you make a beeline to the TiVo in order to watch this awesome episode of an awesome TV show, only to discover that not only was your TiVo apparently fucked up that night--meaning it recorded Stargate Atlantis with audio but no video--but it was really fucking fucked up that night--meaning every show recorded that evening had only audio, no video.

That's what pisses me the fuck off!


Sorry. I felt it necessary to unload on all you unsuspecting blog addicts. I feel better now.

I'm going back to work to ask my friend what happened.

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