Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Remember that time back in the '80s when King Diamond developed a British accent and formed a boy-band? No?

Well, if he had, he would have sounded a lot like the new album from The Darkness, One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back. I know that sounds goofy...and let's face it, The Darkness can get kinda goofy...but I absolutely love it!

I'm not sure what it is, but although I liked Permission to Land as a whole much better, certain tracks from One Way Ticket just click with me. It's like the way I identify with some of Queen's stuff: the blatant theatricality mixed with over-the-top rock star attitude.

Anyway, my point is, if you've never given The Darkness a good listen, you should do so. Specifically tracks #6 & 7 from their most recent, sophomore album, and the very first track on their debut. This is party rock, people, and I think I like where it's heading.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Space-Jumping: The Things We Do When We're Bored...


I totally haven't posted anything for a while.

So I was doing a bit of what I call space-jumping earlier today. For those of you who don't live inside my brain--so, um, all of you--space-jumping involves going to the MySpace page of someone I know, and then jumping to a profile I've never seen before on that person's Friend List. It's a good way to see some cool pages.

Anyway, I was doing that, and I found a few cool pages.


Sorry, I got lost in Coheed & Cambria for a second. His vocals give me shivers. The good kind.

Yeah, so, I space-jumped to this girl's page, and I swear I've seen her before somewhere. Not only that, but she has a pretty freakin' awesome page. Decent word use, lots of artwork for eye-candy, and none of those annoying girly falling stars/hearts in the background that make a page take FOREVER to load. And she's only 17 years old!

All in all, her page impressed me, and I figured a fairly impressive person must be behind it. So I sent her a message letting her know I thought her page was awesome...and I am currently waiting to see if she messages me back. Cue the ominous drumming sounds.

The whole "messaging me back" thing is kinda my ultimate test to see if people who seem like they're cool on MySpace are actually lying.

See, I've done this type of thing quite a bit; I like talking to new people, and MySpace is purported to provide a good medium for that type of thing. But for some reason, it doesn't seem to work for me.

I honestly can only think of one person I've ever messaged who I later conversed with over a longer period of time, via MySpace.

Most other people seem to want to ignore me, even though they plainly state that they enjoy meeting new people and that said new people should definitely send them a message.

It kinda sucks.

Ah, well. Time will tell, now, so I should probably think about getting to bed. Tomorrow--or today, if you want to be literal about it--is Saturday, and running a theatre on a Saturday is closely akin to running the only buffet at a convention of Sumos.

Wow, that was random.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

What Pisses Me Off

You know what pisses me off?

When you go to work and a friend at work asks if you've watched the most recent Stargate Atlantis so he can talk to you about it, and you tell him no you haven't, so he tells you to watch it as soon as you get home because something important happens that he wants to talk with you about, so then as soon as you get home you make a beeline to the TiVo in order to watch this awesome episode of an awesome TV show, only to discover that not only was your TiVo apparently fucked up that night--meaning it recorded Stargate Atlantis with audio but no video--but it was really fucking fucked up that night--meaning every show recorded that evening had only audio, no video.

That's what pisses me the fuck off!


Sorry. I felt it necessary to unload on all you unsuspecting blog addicts. I feel better now.

I'm going back to work to ask my friend what happened.

Introduction to Me - The FullMetal Patch


I'm FullMetal Patch.

No, I'm not referring to the show Full Metal Alchemist in my name. That would be completely inane, and I'm not completely inane. At least, that's what I like to tell myself.

Don't think I'm dissing the show. The show itself is one of the best animé I've ever seen--and I've watched quite a few--and I have the utmost respect for it. But actually naming myself after the show is the last thing I would ever do.

I digress.

I call myself FullMetal Patch because I like Metal. As in the music, not the substance. Although metal [the substance] is cool, too. Swords are made of it.

So. Me.

I'm 23 years old, nearing my 24th birthday in mid-August. I'm friendly, energetic, articulate, and apparently I sometimes come off as condescending or arrogant or something like that. I'm not sure, because I don't sound that way to myself. If you ever meet me, you can tell me how to describe it.

As I said, I love metal [the musical genre]; if you want the list of bands, though, you'll have to visit me at MySpace, because I don't want to bore those of you who aren't interested.

Half of you just took a break from reading this to click the link above, didn't you? I love human nature.

At any rate, I'm currently a manager at a local movie theatre, which is a great job if you've never done it. Movie theatres rock. It's not my permanent goal, though.

Longterm, I have aspirations of writing fantasy novels, singing in a Black Metal or Symphonic Power Metal band, and voice acting. Maybe not all at once, but I figure one right after another would work out. And by the way, I'm being totally serious. This is my serious face. If only you could see it.

I enjoy singing and writing (obviously), witty t-shirts, movies, and music [read: metal].

C'est moi. And with that, I give you...FullMetal Blog!